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Case Studies

Case Studies are our way of connecting with customers and therefore working towards a common outcome to make our machines the best they can be.

Blackwater Distillery: 1 litre filling machine and labelling system. 

The brief:

West Waterford’s Blackwater Distillery approached Karmelle in 2016. With demand for its award-winning Irish gin growing, the brand needed to invest in both filling and labelling equipment.

The solution:

The Karmelle team designed, built and installed a 4 head 1 litre filler, and a Front and Back 3 Point Wrap and Neck Labelling System. Both of which, were capable of handling Blackwater’s round and rectangular glass bottles.

The system applied body and neck labels to each bottle, before top-filling them with gin.

This bespoke equipment has enabled Blackwater to meet the growing demand for its product. Due to our machines, the brand has since built a new micro-distillery, and is preparing to add a new Irish whisky to its range.


Liquipak: Filling, capping and labelling line.

The brief: 

Cleaning agent specialists Liquipak Ltd consulted Karmelle  after being contracted to bottle hand sanitiser on behalf of a market-leading hygiene brand. Unprecedented demand for the product meant that Liquipak would need reliable, high speed filling, capping and labelling equipment.

The solution:

After site visits and consultations, Karmelle designed and manufactured two complete bottling lines.

Line one comprised a 4 Head 1 Litre Filling Machine, a 4CT Capping Machine, and a Front, Back and Wrap Labelling System.

The second line featured an identical Capper and Labeller, and a larger 8 Head Filling Machine.

Karmelle engineers manufactured, installed and commissioned the systems in just 8 weeks, enabling Liquipak to bottle 50,000 units of hand sanitiser per-day.


Raisthorpe Manor: Mini Monoblock filling, capping and labelling system.

The brief:

Family-run spirits producer Raisthorpe Manor asked the Karmelle team to assist with the automation of its bottling process in 2018. The North Yorkshire brand needed a compact system, capable of handling a range of bottles and caps.

The solution: 

Karmelle designed, built and installed a Mini Monoblock machine, comprising a rotary volumetric filler, an R.O.P.P capping station, and a labelling machine.

The system was installed in Raisthorpe Manor’s North Yorkshire factory facility, where it is currently running at speeds of up to 20 bottles per-minute.

Raisthorpe’s founder, Julia Medford, commented: ‘The Monoblock system has completely transformed our bottling process, enabling us to improve efficiency and accuracy, up production rates and meet the growing demand for our products.’


Masons Yorkshire Gin: Complete line, including Four Head Bench Top Filling machine, ‘T’ Cork Capping Machine and Three-Point Wraparound Labelling Machine.

The brief:

 Masons Yorkshire Gin approached Karmelle in 2017.

Following a period of growth, the award-winning spirits brand needed to automate its packaging operation without compromising the quality and integrity of its product.

The solution:

After an initial site-visit, Masons commissioned Karmelle to supply a turnkey filling, capping and labelling line. The system was to be housed in a custom-built filling room at Masons’ Bedale distillery, where its gin and vodka is produced.

Working closely with the Masons team, Karmelle manufactured a 4 Head Bench Top Filler, a ‘T’ Cork Capping Machine, and a Three-Point Wraparound Labelling Machine.

In addition to the bottling line, including an automated sleeving machine, is planned for the new year.


Yorvale:  Complete line, including Flow Meter Filling Machine, Rotary Capping Machine and Labelling Machine.

The brief:

Award winning ice cream brand Yorvale tasked Karmelle with designing and building a bespoke system to fill, cap and label its natural kefir drink, Yorlife.

Yorvale has been producing real dairy ice cream on its farm, Fossfield, for almost 30 years – and approached Karmelle after adding kefir to its product range.

The brand needed hygienic, quick-strip equipment, capable of filling, capping and labelling 230ml and 500ml bottles.

The solution:

Karmelle’s team designed and manufactured a complete line, comprising an air rinser, Flow Meter Filling Machine, 3 Head Rotary Screw Capping Machine and collection table.

The equipment was installed in a custom built production room on Fossfield Farm, and is currently running at speeds of 44 bottles-per-minute (230ml bottles) and 28 bottles-per-minute (500ml bottles).

Yorvale said: ‘We chose Karmelle because of its reputation for both high-quality machinery and excellent after-care. The equipment has enabled us to bring our latest product, Kerlife, to market.’


Glastonbury Spring water: Rotary Monoblock filler and capper with labelling machine.

The brief:

In 2010, Glastonbury Spring Water commissioned Karmelle to design and build a complete bottling line for its natural spring water. The company needed to sympathetically fill, cap and label its water (which is drawn from a spring below the famous Glastonbury Tor), and was keen to source British-made equipment.

The Solution:

Brian and his team designed a Rotary Monoblock filler. The filler automatically fed bottles onto a production line, before washing, filling, capping and labelling them.

Glastonbury  specified a machine capable of filling 330ml bottles of still or carbonated spring water at a rate of 40 per-minute. Under tests however, this complete filling line proved capable of running at 80 per minute.


Quat-Chem: Turnkey filling, capping and labelling line.

The brief:

UK-based chemical company Quat-Chem required filling, capping and labelling equipment to package its biocidal raw materials and disinfectants.

The solution:

After securing the contract, Karmelle Ltd designed, built and installed a turnkey filling, capping and labelling line for the specialist chemical manufacturer.

The system featured a fully automatic in-line Volumetric Filling Machine, built on a four-head modular frame, and suitable for a wide range of products – including oils and chemicals.

Once filled, bottles were passed onto a single-head EK40 Inline Pick-and-Place Screw/Push Capping Machine.

Finally, a Servo S2-175 labelling machine applied labels to Quat-Chem’s containers.

Contracting Karmelle lead to Quat-Chem being able to single-source all its packaging machinery. Consequently engaging a number of different suppliers was not needed.


Sidalco: Complete filling line.

The brief:

Karmelle Ltd was chosen by African firm Sidalco (based in Tema, Ghana) to export three automated processing lines. These production lines would need to fill, seal and label plastic containers of the company’s branded agrochemical, Defender.

The solution:

Karmelle designed and built the filling, sealing and labelling lines in just 16 weeks. Its engineers travelled to Ghana to commission the plant and train local workers to operate it.

The equipment allows Sidalco to produce up to 20,000 litres of fungicide a day. This product is used to protect a range of agricultural and horticultural crops in copper-deficient soil.



Case Studies like these are very important to us and we would love to do more. Over the last 10 years case studies have helped us understand customer needs. As a result, helped provide a better service to our customers. Understanding and solving problems is our of our greatest strengths here at Karmelle and we something we pride ourselves upon.

If you already have one of our machines please get in touch. We want to organize as many case studies as possible. Improving our relationship with customers and subsequently, promote your brand at the same time is our aim.