Karmelle Liquid Filling & Capping Solutions Limited
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Filling machines

If it's a liquid we have a solution.

Capping machines

Bespoke cappers for maximum efficiency.

Labelling machines

Custom build labellers for accuracy and speed.

Complete systems

Quality British manufacturing for peace of mind.

When little means a lot

We know what it takes to thrive where profit margins are tight. Our fillers, cappers and labellers are all custom build to your individual needs to make it possible. We pride ourselves on our precision engineering, designing and manufacturing machines known for their durability, accuracy and speed right here, in Yorkshire.

Market sectors

Food & drink

We can fill a wide range of liquids, such as juice and water, to foods, including dairy products / yoghurt.

Pharmaceutical & veterinary

Our machines are built to the highest standards and comply with the latest  hygienic legislation.

Cosmetics & toiletries

Our precise and accurate machinery can fill cosmetics and toiletries such as liquids, lotions, creams, gels and balms.

Chemical & agrochemical

As an industry leader in this sector, we have a variety of options for general, household and agrochemical products.

Lube Oil

Products like lube oil and fuel additives can be filled in various quantities with our automatic and semi-automatic fillers.